What's Changed?   

Starting in May

  1. Lamps are back, the LED Lighting Facts Program(LLFP) will again accept the submission of LED replacement lamps after not accepting them since August 2016. Types of lamps that will be accepted include: linear replacement lamps, mogul screw base products, and pin based products.
  2. Categories will be updated to more closely match how products are marketed. If you have suggestions for updates/additions to the product sub categories, please send us an email at info@lightingfacts.com
  3. All products that are currently listed in the database, including products that will be added in May, will be considered “Legacy Products,” and access to the labels will be maintained, as well as the listings will be publicly available until November, 2018.  At that point, if Legacy Products are not claimed by a manufacturer for continued listing, they will be archived and there will no longer be access to the Label.

Starting in June

  1. There will be a flexible and affordable product listing maintenance subscription service based on the cumulative number of products that are added under a manufacturer’s account over time. You only pay the monthly fee associated with the total number of approved products you have listed.  This subscription service fees allow you continued access to the updated LLFP label and special designation in the database that indicates your products are part of the updated LLFP product database.
Pricing Levels (Products) Pay-as-you-go/Monthly Pre-Pay Annual Pre-Pay Savings Pre-Pay Annual product listing cost
1-200 $295 $3,400 $150 As low as $17
201-500 $495 $5,740 $200 As low as $11.48
501-1000 $695 $8,000 $340 As low as $8
Unlimited $895 $10,000 $740 $0.01-$10

Example: To list/maintain up to 200 products would cost $295/month which is less than $1.50 per product! Set that level and pre-pay for 12-months, and save $150. Of course, the higher number of products that are maintained as active on the list, the lower the per product cost. For listing over 1,000 products, monthly maintenance cost will never be more than $0.90/product. Pre-pay at the unlimited level for 12-months and save $750, and cost per product is never more than $0.8!!

  1. We will only accept test reports from labs that are active on the new Approved Labs List. To be added to this new list, labs must sign up for the program and pay an annual fee of $2000. Products submitted to LED Lighting Facts from testing labs that do not have Approved Lab status will not be accepted.

Details about the enrollment and payment processes for the subscription participation plans will be forthcoming.