Take the LED Lighting Facts Pledge

Becoming an LED Lighting Facts partner requires a commitment to supporting improvement in the quality of LED products, as well as using the LED Lighting Facts labels and logos according to program guidelines.

Each partner must pledge to honor this commitment and uphold program goals specific to each partner type. Please click on the partner icons below for more information on how LED Lighting Facts defines partner types.

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The LED Lighting Facts program defines two categories of “manufacturer” as follows:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

    OEMs wishing to obtain LED Lighting Facts labels must sign up as LED Lighting Facts partners and complete the product submittal process.

  • Private Labelers

    Private labelers who wish to obtain LED Lighting Facts labels with their own model number and branding designations (distinct from the OEM information) must sign up as LED Lighting Facts partners and complete the product submittal process, even if the products in question are already listed under the OEM information. Private labelers may use the test reports from the OEM product as long as they are accompanied by a certification statement explaining that the product is privately labeled and any mismatching model numbers are clarified. Private labelers may also create additional user accounts under their web profiles to allow OEM representatives to enter information and submit products.

Private labelers (e.g., retailers) who are selling products with the OEM information unchanged do not need to go through the product submittal process and should sign up as retail partners, not manufacturer partners. The product information submitted from the OEM will match the information on the products carrying the private label.

Retailers & Distributors

LED Lighting Facts identifies partners that do not submit products, but sell or distribute LED products for commercial use as "Retailers and Distributors".

EE Sponsors

LED Lighting Facts refers to public utilities or energy efficiency program sponsors as EE Sponsors.

Testing Laboratories

Any testing laboratory, both independent and manufacturer owned, that has been appropriately accredited or recognized to conduct one or more of the following test procedures can register as an LED Lighting Facts Approved Testing Laboratory Partner:

  • IES LM-79 for total flux and color (required label metrics; LM-79 sections 9 and 12)
  • IES LM-79 for intensity distribution (optional metrics; LM-79 section 10)
  • In-situ Temperature Measurement Test (ISTMT)
  • IES LM-80

After June 1, 2012 LED Lighting Facts will only accept test reports from Testing Laboratory Partners on the Approved Testing Laboratories list. To be listed in the Approved Testing Laboratories list, partners must sign the pledge and provide proof of accreditation to info@lightingfacts.com.

Lighting Pros

LED Lighting Facts refers to lighting professionals, such as lighting designers, specifiers and educators, who are not utilities, manufacturers, distributors or retailers, as "Lighting Pros".

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