Retailer and Distributor Partners 

New! LED Lighting Facts Specification Tool

The Specification Tool is designed for the lighting design community and leverages the value of the extensive LED Lighting Facts database of products. It provides a customized platform for easily tracking and filtering products for all types of projects and client needs. All Retailer and Distributor partners who set up account access via their registered email address will have free access to the Specification Tool.

Expectations of Partnership: Retailers and Distributors

Ask manufacturers for the LED Lighting Facts label

Manufacturers of LED products should test their products in accordance with the industry standard test method, IES LM-79-2008, to ensure that they understand how the product performs. Joining LED Lighting Facts is a very simple step for them to take to provide assurance that their product performance claims have been verified.

Verify that the product’s LED Lighting Facts label is legitimate

Buyer beware: Not all labels are legitimate LED Lighting Facts labels! Never assume that a label is accurate. Always use the Product List at to verify whether:

  • Items are registered with the program.

  • Performance values on the label match values listed and verified by the program.

Retailers are encouraged to work with their manufacturers to ensure that different product versions are clearly identifiable by consumers.

Use the label to evaluate LED product quality.

The LED Lighting Facts label allows retailers to review the characteristics of an LED product using accurate and verified performance data.

Select products from the LED Lighting Facts Product List

Committing to selecting only products from the LED Lighting Facts product list will encourage manufacturers to register all of their LED products with the program. This practice will result in greater disclosure of product performance results with claims, ultimately increasing the quality of SSL products in the market.

Program Requirements

Becoming an LED Lighting Facts partner requires a commitment to supporting improvement in the quality of LED-based lighting products and using the LED Lighting Facts labels and logos according to program guidelines. 

Using the LED Lighting Facts Label

Only LED Lighting Facts labels that are provided by and in accordance with the LED Lighting Facts program and LED Lighting Facts product registration process are allowed. Any manufacturer or agent who reproduces, alters, or recreates the LED Lighting Facts label outside the program requirements will be subject to penalties of trademark infringement and may be denied the right to participate in the LED Lighting Facts program.

An LED Lighting Facts label, unique for each product registered through the LED Lighting Facts product registration process, will be available for manufacturer partners to download. This is the ONLY version of the LED Lighting Facts label that may be used with a product. The label must be shown exactly as it appears with the product listing and it may not be recreated. No alterations of the design or content of the label are permitted after it has been downloaded, with the exception of label updates issued by the program (e.g., security and formatting updates). Using a label in association with any product other than the product for which that label is registered is strictly prohibited. 

Using the LED Lighting Facts Partner Mark

The LED Lighting Facts partner mark is available for retailer and distributor partners to communicate their commitment to the program. The partner mark is also available to manufacturer partners that have registered at least one product with the LED Lighting Facts program.

The partner mark may be used by all partners in marketing materials. Use of the partner mark in association with products that have not been approved or use of the partner mark in a way that implies that an unapproved product is approved are strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with these guidelines could subject a company to penalties of trademark infringement; the company may also be denied the opportunity to participate in the LED Lighting Facts program. 

Product Quality and Selecting the Right Product

Remember: The LED Lighting Facts label does not guarantee product quality. A product is not required to meet performance thresholds to obtain the LED Lighting Facts label. The label is simply a resource to ensure that critical product performance information being provided by the manufacturer is accurate.

Partner Benefits

The LED Lighting Facts program has various tools to help retailers and distributors use the label to compare products and manufacturer claims to find the most appropriate LED products on the market.

Third-Party Verification

The LED Lighting Facts program focuses on truth in advertising by providing assurance that performance attributes listed on the label are accurate. If a product carries an LED Lighting Facts label, it signifies that a single product or at least one product in a family has been tested according to industry standard procedures and that those results have been reviewed by the program. All test reports submitted to  LED Lighting Facts have come from Approved Labs.

Product Evaluation Tools

The following tools compare products with the LED Lighting Facts label to other technologies, such as incandescent bulbs and CFLs:

  1. Residential Product Performance Scale
  2. Commercial Product Performance Scale

Communication with Experts in the LED Lighting Facts Program

Partners have direct access to LED Lighting Facts program experts who can answer questions or help facilitate discussions with other SSL industry experts. LED Lighting Facts also regularly communicates with partners via e-newsletters and webinars. For more information or to be added to the communications distribution list, please contact