Frequently Asked Questions:
LED Lighting Facts® Specification Tool

Managing Your Projects

Q:  Can I add products that are not searchable on the LED Lighting Facts database to my Fixture Schedule output (.xlsx file)?

A:  Because the fixture schedule output is an excel spreadsheet, you are able to add or edit information and list any products you wish to include.  However, only products that are integral to the LED Lighting Facts database will continue to automatically be updated and available whenever you generate a new Fixture Schedule download.  In other words, any data you add to a downloaded file will not be saved within the system.  You will need to save it separately. If you don’t see an LED product that you want to include in your Project list and/or Fixture Schedule, you are encouraged to contact the manufacturer directly and request that they submit their product, at no cost, to LED Lighting Facts (note that you can simply paste this hyperlink into your message and it will navigate them to the website).

Q:  How can I add information about a product that I select for a project?

A:  When view any product that you have selected for a project fixture schedule within your defined project, you will have the option to edit a number of fields by adding information including a product ID, detailed model number, area of use tags, product description, notes and any file uploads.  All the data that you append in the Edit modal window, once saved, will automatically be added to your Fixture Schedule output.

Q:  Can I give access to users in my own organization?

A:  Yes. The primary user account is with the individual who has registered as a Lighting Pro Partner with LED Lighting Facts.  Once the account is set up, as the administrator, you will have access Manage Users page (drop-down from your login registration in the top right corner) to list all new and edit existing  users with whom you intend to collaborate and share the space.

About the Products and Data

Q:  Is all the data about products verified by LED Lighting Facts?

A:  Any data that can be verified using LM-79 and ISTMT test results, as well as TM30 for color metrics and TM21 for lumen maintenance has been verified.  Data related to other metrics that cannot be reported using standardized procedures or technical measurement s is self-reported.

Q:  Are manufacturers required to submit their own specification sheets? Are they available?

A:  Since late 2015, LED Lighting Facts has required manufacturers to submit their product specification sheets as supporting documentation, but they have the option of making them available in their LED Lighting Facts product listing.  If you select a product that you want the spec sheet, and there is a blue “Request Data from the Manufacturer” button with that listing, you may contact the manufacturer directly to request additional information, including their Specification Sheet.

Q:  What data is required by LED Lighting Facts?

A:  Data that LED Lighting Facts requires for every product includes Model Number, Brand, Product Type, Category and subcategories for use location, mounting base and size/shape, based on the application, light output, watts, efficacy, CRI, CCT, and input voltage.  LED Lighting Facts encourages manufacturers to provide more data about color, optics, flicker, tunability, light distribution, and driver and controls information, but that information is not required. 

Q:  What does it mean if there is a blue button that says, “Request Data from the Manufacturer” on  a product listing pop-up display?

A:  All LED Lighting Facts manufacturers have the option of permitting Lighting Pro users of the Specification Tool to contact them directly about all of their listed products.  With Version 1.0 of the tool, you click on that button and use the open text box to write a message to the manufacturer.  In a future version, we plan to have a menu of fields available that LED Lighting Facts collects to select and identify for the manufacturer to update or complete.

Q:  Are there replacement lamp products available to search on LED Lighting Facts?

A: Due to changes in replacement lamp testing requirements, LED Lighting Facts suspended acceptance of all replacement lamps on August 1, 2016, and subsequently removed all existing replacement lamps from the database. LED Lighting Facts accepts submissions for LED luminaires and retrofit kits, and products in these categories will remain searchable on the database. 

Q:  How do I set up the app to access my account directly from my mobile devices?

A: To use the new app, you will first need to establish your own Specification Tool account. Follow the basic instructions at the bottom of the Specification Tool page. Once you have your own account set up, you can access your own Specification Tool account directly from your phone or tablet. It's super easy and free to set up:

  1. From your mobile device, launch Chrome for Android, or Safari for Apple IOS (note that Safari is the only browser that works for this for Apple IOS) open the Specification Tool URL where you will be directed to the login form. Once you log in, you'll be in your Specification Tool account.
  2. For Android, tap the menu button, then tap Add to home screen. You will be able to enter a name for the short-cut, then Chrome will add the icon to your home screen.
  3. For Apple iOS, tap the Share button on the Safari browser's toolbar. (top of screen for iPad, bottom of screen for iPhone). Tap Add to Home Screen icon in the Share menu, and it will be added to your home screen.
  4. The LED Lighting Facts Specification Tool icon will now appear on your home screen like any other app shortcut or widget so you can drag it around and put it wherever you would like.