2013 LED Lighting Facts Special Recognition

Every year during the annual Market Introduction Workshop, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) acknowledges a select group of LED Lighting Facts partners with a Special Recognition for their efforts to assure and improve the quality of LED lighting products. In 2013, eighteen organizations were recognized for their support for both the LED Lighting Facts program and the LED lighting industry as a whole.


The 2013 Special Recognition Recipients

California Investor-Owned Utilities

The California Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs) is a collaboration among Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E). The three unique business entities work together as a team to design and implement concurrent and consistent upstream lighting programs, known as Primary Lighting.  The IOUs not only require that screw-in residential LED products be listed in DOE’s Lighting Facts database, but also that they meet the California Quality LED Specifications designed by the California Energy Commission.  Their efforts to incentivize LEDs and educate the public about the benefits of LEDs have positioned the California IOUs as leaders in LED quality advancement for residential lighting.

Canada GL Lighting Technology Inc.

Canada GL Lighting Technology Inc. (GL Lighting) is an LED manufacturer with more than eight years of experience in making LED lamps and providing innovative and tailored solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial lighting applications. GL Lighting advocates environmentally friendly, low-carbon energy alternatives to traditional lighting, offering cutting-edge technology and expertise in research and development. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, GL Lighting has a wholly owned factory in Shenzhen, China, which enables the company to offer customization, including original equipment manufacturing, to deliver products that achieve its customers’ objectives and continue to move the LED market forward.

Care Technology LLC

Care Technology specializes in architectural lighting and retrofits for existing fluorescent fixtures. The LED Lighting Facts data provides Care Technology's customers with a greater understanding of which lights will satisfy their high-demand environments and helps them see how the energy consumption data corresponds to the energy savings compared to fluorescent, metal halide, and other incumbent technologies. These customers also have noted a reduction in their air conditioning bills! The LED Lighting Facts program helps Care Technology prove the benefits of LED products to potential customers.

Cordelia Lighting Inc.

Cordelia Lighting Inc. (Cordelia), a manufacturer of residential luminaires, has been in business for 30 years and is committed to listing every product with LED Lighting Facts to ensure that its customers know exactly what they can expect from their Cordelia products. Its dedicated engineering staff continually evaluates LEDs, power supplies, optics, and thermal management systems to assure that the products will provide long-lasting and trouble-free operation.  Cordelia is proud that 99% of its SSL products are also ENERGY STAR and that many new products also comply with the Voluntary California Quality LED Lamp Specification. Cordelia believes in the LED Lighting Facts program and is fully committed to its continued success.

Cree Inc.

Cree Inc. (Cree) is a manufacturer of LED lighting and semiconductor products for power and radio-frequency applications. Cree utilizes a vertically integrated approach to solve everyday lighting problems by developing the materials to produce quality LEDs. Cree is committed to developing products that meet qualification guidelines, such as ENERGY STAR and the Voluntary California Quality LED Lamps Specification, and uses LED Lighting Facts to support claims with utilities and consumers.

Cree utilizes LED Lighting Facts across various indoor and outdoor product lines to support its commitment to validating the specification sheet claims and building consumer confidence in our products.  As a company, it has invested heavily in the commitment for product evaluation by establishing within Cree four NAVLAP-accredited laboratories to support the lighting and components businesses.  These LED Lighting Facts Approved Labs support ISTMT measurements, LM-79 testing, and LM-80 testing.

Energy Trust of Oregon

Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) is a non-profit that delivers energy efficiency and renewable energy programs for Pacificorp and PGE in Oregon and gas efficiency programs for NW Natural and Cascade Natural Gas in Oregon and Washington State. ETO is very deliberate and careful about the LED lighting applications it supports, as its goals are to maximize customer benefits and further the progression of LED lighting as a market-accepted source of electric energy savings. It accomplishes this goal not by being the first to promote everything, but rather by asking critical questions about what to promote and when. ETO supports LED products for a specific application only when there is data to prove that the LEDs have sufficient savings over the incumbent technology and are cost-effective for utility ratepayers and the customer. The LED Lighting Facts program not only helps ETO research and identify new applications to support, but it is the primary resource for contractors to document lighting product compliance with ETO's requirements. LED Lighting Facts allows ETO to help the LED lighting market mature more effectively and efficiently.

Gamma Scientific

Based in San Diego, California, Gamma Scientific manufactures laboratory-grade spectroradiometers, spectrometers, spectrophotometers, and integrating spheres. Gamma Scientific also operates an ISO 17025-compliant, NVLAP-accredited laboratory that performs ENERGY STAR lighting certification, LM-79, and LM-80 testing. Gamma Scientific has been committed to improving the quality of solid-state lighting (SSL) products for more than 40 years. Its instruments have been used for LED testing since 1973, when photometers from Gamma Scientific were used by Hewlett Packard to accurately measure optical properties of red LEDs.  It developed the first high-performance, computer-controlled spectroradiometers for LED testing and has been designing integrating spheres since the 1960s.

The Gamma Scientific Laboratory, NVLAP Lab Code 200823-0, has been awarded accreditation by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) under the Energy Efficient Lighting Products Program. This includes LM-79 accreditation for SSL luminaires and LM-80 accreditation for measuring lumen depreciation and maintenance of SSL arrays, modules, and light sources.  In addition, the Gamma Scientific laboratory has recently received accreditation from NVLAP to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 as a recognized Calibration Laboratory.     

InnoGreen USA LLC

As a manufacturer and private labeler of LED products, InnoGreen USA LLC (InnoGreen) is focused on research and development in the areas of renewable energy and innovative, efficient, and sustainable technologies. InnoGreen is engaged in the business of providing quality LED retrofits and luminaires and encouraging end-users to shift to LEDs. InnoGreen has offices worldwide and is committed to including the LED Lighting Facts label in packaging for products sold in the United States.

Kenall Lighting

Kenall Lighting is a privately-owned, mid-size lighting manufacturer that delivers LED products throughout North America.  Kenall recently achieved ILAC accreditation to ISO17025, so the organization is both an LED Lighting Facts manufacturer and approved lab partner. The in-house testing capability has given Kenall’s product development group the ability to extract the most efficiency out of a complete system. 

Kenall believes that speed to market, high efficacy, and the ability to back up performance claims for every product configuration with an LM-79 report and an LED Lighting Facts label are worth the investment in capital and resources.  Kenall uses the LED Lighting Facts program to help drive specifications toward products that are on the Product List because the third-party verification process promotes quality through fair comparison.

Lowe's Companies

Lowe's Companies (Lowe's), a nationwide home improvement retailer, relies heavily on established industry testing to vet supplier products, including LM80 on LED chips and LM79 testing on fixtures and bulbs.  Additional product testing is done periodically to ensure products are performing up to its high standards.  Lowe's is pleased to be an LED Lighting Facts Retail partner, mandating appropriate labeling on LED products so customers can intelligently select the light bulbs that best fit their needs.

With impending light bulb legislation, continued education of customers and employees is vital so they can easily understand their future purchase options.  Lowe’s has increased associate training on new light bulb offerings, specifically focusing on helping the consumer navigate the phase-out of incandescent bulbs and the benefits of switching to LED.  In addition, content on Lowes.com has been refreshed to further educate customers researching and shopping online. This is an important time for the lighting industry, and Lowe’s is proud to be a partner of DOE so we can collectively help our customers save energy and money with LED bulbs.

Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships

The Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) is a non-profit organizations that manages the DesignLights Consortium® SSL Qualified Products List (DLC QPL). The DLC QPL promotes quality, performance, and energy-efficient commercial-sector lighting solutions through collaboration among its federal, regional, state, utility, and energy efficiency program members throughout the United States and Canada, as well as luminaire manufacturers, lighting testing labs, lighting designers, and other industry stakeholders. The DLC QPL is a tool for energy efficiency programs to distinguish quality commercial-sector SSL products from the rest, technical requirements that set a bar for performance and efficacy for SSL manufacturers to meet, and information resources available through the DLC website (www.designlights.org) and publications.

In 2012, DLC began requiring manufacturers to list their products on LED Lighting Facts prior to submitting an application to the DLC QPL. As the DLC QPL application requires manufacturers to provide some of the same information they provide to LED Lighting Facts, this new requirement not only simplified the application process for manufacturers – having to submit data once to LED Lighting Facts to have it evaluated for both LED Lighting Facts listing and DLC QPL qualification – but also allowed the DLC QPL to leverage the LED Lighting Facts resource, drive more traffic to the LED Lighting Facts website, and develop a structure of long-term collaboration and coordination. The partnership between DLC and LED Lighting Facts adds value, increases participation for both programs, and sends a consistent, coordinated message to industry regarding product performance evaluation.


As a manufacturer of various applications for LEDs, Philips values the LED Lighting Facts program's ability to communicate and ensure customers that its products have been tested and verified to meet high quality standards. Philips invests in listing products with LED Lighting Facts to show its commitment to advancing the LED technology and promoting better understanding of LED performance. The LED Lighting Facts Verification Testing program adds an objective layer of assurance to Philips customers, building greater confidence that the products will deliver on the claimed performance specifications. Philips is committed to being a leader in the LED market and will continue to support the Department of Energy’s SSL Program initiatives.

Priority Lighting

Priority Lighting is a national distributor and service provider of light bulbs, ballasts, and fixtures. It has found that the LED Lighting Facts label gives customers more confidence in the products they purchase and therefore includes it on every shipment. Priority Lighting is committed to supporting the energy-efficient lighting market, and equally dedicated to evaluating and testing LED products to ensure that all customers have a positive experience. Priority Lighting has proven its commitment and support of these products, directly – by stocking a wide range of product options – but also by educating the public about the benefits of LEDs though the large world of social media (i.e., blogging, Twitter, email, and its website. Priority Lighting is proud to be a part of the growing group of loyal LED Lighting Facts partners around the world.   

Spring City Electrical

Spring City Electrical is a domestic manufacturer of outdoor lighting based in Spring City, Pennsylvania. Spring City Electrical is committed to advancing each generation of LED products so customers have the flexibility to evaluate performance values that can lower upfront costs and improve their return on investment (ROI). A testament to Spring City Electrical’s rapidly advancing product line is that it was recently chosen as the supplier for a GATEWAY demonstration in New York City’s Central Park! Spring City Electrical is committed to listing products with LED Lighting Facts and using the online database to promote its products and demonstrate performance features.

SWITCH Lighting Co.

SWITCH Lighting Co. (SWITCH) based in San Jose, California, is a manufacturer of LED A-lamps and an active DOE Lighting Facts partner. Manufacturing specifications and best practices are strictly adhered to in SWITCH's ISO manufacturing facility.  SWITCH products are screened against criteria for performance and appearance.  SWITCH believes in providing a rich customer experience related to its products, in which the end-user is not motivated just by price, energy savings, and performance, but is willing to adopt SSL for home and work spaces because of its elegant design.  SWITCH uses the LED Lighting Facts label to communicate the value of the products to discerning customers such as retail buyers, lighting professionals, savvy users, and utilities.  The labels are proudly displayed on the corporate website and available for download to customers who might need them as verification for a commercial project or large order.  They are also used by SWITCH when signing up for utility rebates and energy efficiency programs.  SWITCH Lighting is committed to providing quality lighting products in each category and market that it serves.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot, the world's largest home improvement retailer, utilizes the LED Lighting Facts program as a baseline in the review and selection of LED products from our suppliers. It is committed to educating consumers on the benefits of LED lighting via in-store signage, in-store displays, and the website. The displays include new concepts, such as different Kelvin temperatures, bulb types, and lumens, to get customers comfortable with the benefits associated with LED lighting.

All electrical associates have been trained on energy-saving light bulbs, phased-out incandescents, and the benefits of and how to shop for LEDs. Training materials are updated quarterly with the most relevant LED products and changes to energy-efficient lighting technology available in The Home Depot stores. The Home Depot is proud to support this technology and the LED Lighting Facts program.

W.W. Grainger

W.W. Grainger (Grainger) is a leading distributor in the maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) space with annual sales of $9B. Since the onset of the LED Lighting Facts program, Grainger has reinforced the importance of LED manufacturers providing verified data by requiring new and existing suppliers to list products with the LED Lighting Facts program. It has not deviated from this requirement for any LED supplier since taking the LED Lighting Facts Pledge in 2009. Grainger believes that the verification process established by DOE is the best proxy to ensure quality performance. The LED Lighting Facts program is an integral part of maintaining Grainger's commitment to selling products that will result in a positive consumer experience. It is proud to boast that as the number of products listed with LED Lighting Facts increases, so does Grainger’s LED portfolio, and all of its available LED lighting solutions have an LED lighting Facts label. Additionally, Grainger continues to utilize catalog space to educate customers on LED technology and its advantages and has a dedicated space for detailed information on the LED Lighting Facts label that emphasizes the importance of evaluating LED products.


The Special Recognition is not intended to endorse or promote a company, but rather showcase how individual organizations have advanced the energy-efficient SSL industry and share best practices.